Should Parents Allow Their Kids To Use Survey Apps?

I’ve had a lot of questions recently about whether or not it’s safe for kids to use survey apps. This is understandable, not just in the rise of privacy breaches but because when it comes to our children, we are super cautious.

From where I stand, I can see there are two opinions on the matter. The first is that it’s unsafe for kids to provide their details to these programs and to earn incentives for doing so, and the other that it’s fine so long as the sites are suitable for kids, and that it helps them understand the relationship between work and pay.

I fall into the second category.

My children are still far too young to use these applications, but I have a close friend who allows her 12 year old son to use them.


The potential benefits

Since my friends son has been using survey apps, he’s began to volunteer around the house more – without pay, mind you – as he gains an understanding of how work is involved in rewards. And as the rewards aren’t upfront, they’ve helped him realise that you first need to sew the seed before you can get results.

I have another friend who uses an interesting method. Instead of paying an allowance to her daughter for doing chores around the house, she allows her an hour of survey completing time per day. This way, the survey company pays her daughter an allowance and my friend gets the house cleaned. A win win for her.

The potential risks

I have another friend who has since stopped allowing her daughter to use survey apps after she discovered the app was advertising gambling material to her 13 year old daughter. One would imagine the algorithm would be able to pick this up as inappropriate, which leads one to believing more sinister intentions are at hand.

There’s also the risk of earning money online becoming addictive. This isn’t bad if their intentions are legitimate, but not if they go away believing money is free.

Inevitably the choice lands with the parent. I don’t think it’s clear cut. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Would you let your kids use survey apps to earn money online? Let me know!