Survey Apps That Pay Instantly To PayPal [2021]

Survey Apps That Pay Instantly To PayPal [2021]

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One of the most fast and convenient ways to make money online is to use apps to make money from PayPal.

There is actually a bunch of instant surveys for money apps, each with their own points system, rewards and ways to make money. In addition to surveys, you can even find some game apps that pay instantly to PayPal for downloading and trialing games.

So which apps are worth your time joining and using?

In this apps that pay you instantly to PayPal 2021 review, I’ve listed all the best apps that pay you through PayPal 2021. This means you can be sure that you are only spending your time using the best survey apps that pay you instantly.

Compare The Best Survey Apps That Pay You Instantly

All the best PayPal money earning apps are listed in the table below. All of these are apps that pay PayPal money, but most also offer other rewards like gift vouchers etc.

SiteMinimum WithdrawalPay Period SpanJoin
Toluna$302 to 6 weeksSign Up Here
Survey Junkie$5Approx. 3-4 daysSign Up Here
Swagbucks$25 (2500 points)Approx. 10 - 14 daysSign Up Here
LifePoints$51 to 2 weeksSign Up Here
YouGov$156 weeksSign Up Here
Inbox Dollars$30Approx. 3 - 7 daysSign Up Here
Opinion Bureau$1015 working daysSign Up Here
PineCone ResearchNo minimumApproximately 2-3 daysSign Up Here
Rewardia$50Immediately - 24 hoursSign Up Here

What Are Instant Surveys For Money Apps?

Apps that pay you PayPal money may seem strange, but it makes sense when you understand that companies rely on your opinion to make market decisions. Providing feedback via a PayPal reward app is an easy way to participate in this market research (and earn Paypal money through the app).

The procedure generally goes like this: you sign up to apps that pay to PayPal, complete a couple of surveys, and then get paid straight into your PayPal account. Apps that pay you in PayPal obviously pay cash, but there are usually other rewards you can claim too, like vouchers for your favorite stores or free food from restaurants.

You can even find game apps that pay you through PayPal below (usually for downloading and testing games).

How fast can you get paid?

Unfortunately nothing is truly ‘instant’ online, and this is true for apps that pay through PayPal. This is because you first need to sign up to the site, complete enough surveys to get paid, wait for points to be applied to your account and then wait for the payment to be processed.

Some apps that pay you with PayPal pay faster than others, however I structure my reviews below based on the reliability and quality of these apps. You’ll find several instant PayPal payout apps from trustworthy PayPal apps that pay among the reviews below.

Reviews Of Survey Apps That Pay Instantly To PayPal 2021


A great app to earn money Paypal money is Toluna.

Toluna are one of my favorite apps that give you PayPal money for completing surveys. I began using this site early on in my survey money making journey and transitioned to their app shortly after.

As one of the best apps to earn PayPal cash, Toluna is easy to use and I find surveys pay anywhere from 100 to 10,000+ points on average. Note that you need $30 in your account to earn PayPal money from the apps reward center, which is about 95,000 points. This can take some time to accumulate (it took me about a month).

They are also one of the apps to make money through PayPal to host regular sweepstakes/prize draws, where you can win up to 1,000,000 points (one of the highest paying PayPal apps to do so).

Compared to other apps that pay you on PayPal, Toluna has interesting forums, consistent and surveys and a huge global community.

The biggest downside is the wait – compared to some instant apps to earn PayPal money, Toluna states that it can take 2-6 weeks to process points and payments (and sometimes longer). However, in my experience payments are processed much faster than this.


  • A trusted and reliable global site
  • 500 point bonus for joining (and for referring new members)
  • Monthly prize draws/sweepstakes

Click here to join now.

Survey Junkie

Another of the make money apps PayPal offers is Survey Junkie.

Another huge global site with one of the best apps for PayPal money is Survey Junkie.

Their app works much the same as other survey apps that pay through PayPal – you sign up, complete survey questionnaires and are rewarded for your time.

Survey Junkie has a few benefits over some other PayPal money making apps. Firstly, they pay fast. This is one of the best apps to make PayPal money fast as points are usually received within 24 hours and rewards in just a few days. You can also receive a payment with as little as $5 in your account.

Other benefits include points even if you’re disqualified from surveys, points for completing profile information, and a solid BBB rating of 4 stars.

For one of the better Android and iPhone apps that pay you through PayPal, I highly recommend signing up to Survey Junkie.


  • One of the best apps to earn PayPal money fast
  • Low pay out threshold of $5
  • Points even if you’re disqualified from surveys

Click here to join now.


Swagbucks is one of the most trusted apps to earn money on PayPal.

A list of the top apps to make money on PayPal has to include Swagbucks. Even though this isn’t one of the fastest apps to win PayPal money, it’s one of the most popular and interesting ones.

Swagbucks is a huge site with so many ways to earn points (called Swag Bucks) and one of the best apps to get PayPal money. You can get an immediate reward of $5 just for signing up and a further $5 for every friend you refer (who then earns enough points from surveys).

What makes this one of the most interesting apps that pay you via PayPal is the ability to earn points from online shopping, searching, surveys, polls, watching videos and more. You can even download game apps to make money for PayPal.

The biggest negative of this site is that they are not one of the apps that pay you through PayPal instantly – you need at least $25 to redeem points, there can be a delay and some activities don’t pay very much.

However, there is always a way to earn points and they are one of my favorite legit paying apps through PayPal.


  • Earn a $5 reward for signing up
  • Heaps of fun ways to earn points
  • Get daily bonus points by reaching goals

Click here to join now.


LifePoints have a great earn paypal cash app.

Another contender among surveys sites with apps that pay with PayPal is LifePoints.

LifePoints is a formation of two previously well known sites – MySurveys and GlobalTestMarket – and are one of the apps that pay via PayPal available from both the Apple Store and Google Play.

From the get-go, you’ll receive 10 points for joining their site and you can expect to receive around 100 points for completing surveys (100 points is equal to $1). LifePoints are also one of the apps that pay PayPal money where you can earn extra points from other activities like product reviews and video surveys.

With a small $5 cash out threshold and short wait times, they may not be one of the apps that pay PayPal instantly but are certainly one of the apps that give you money on PayPal fast.

What’s more, they have other benefits like interesting diary surveys, a large global community and are one of the apps that pay in PayPal that allows teens to join (from 14 years old).


  • Get a 10 point bonus for joining
  • Low cash out threshold of $5
  • A strong brand with over 5 million members

Click here to join now.


One of the iPhone and android apps that pay you through paypal is YouGov.

Another site with one of the good apps that give PayPal money is YouGov. This respected global survey panel has one of the best Andorid and iPhone apps that pay you PayPal money for your opinion.

The reason for this is that their surveys are generally short (between 5 to 15 minutes in duration and nearly always under 20 minutes) yet fairly paid.

The first survey you complete through their app will give you 2000 points. From then on, you can expect to get paid anywhere from 300 to 1000 points per survey. 5,000 points is equivalent to $20.

Like all legit apps to earn PayPal money, payment is not instantaneous and there is a threshold of $15 to receive cash for surveys. Their site also states that PayPal payments can take up to 6 weeks to receive.

When it comes to legit apps that pay through PayPal, YouGov is a solid choice, but note that compared to other survey apps that pay you through PayPal the wait times for this site are longer.


  • Earn up to 200 points for every friend who joins
  • Expect to receive several surveys offers per week
  • Shorter yet well paid survey offers

Click here to join now.

Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars is another site among apps that pay you paypal money for free.

Inbox Dollars offers a bit more variety that some of the other apps that pays through PayPal which makes it a fun site to earn money from.

With Inbox Dollars you can get paid for activities like reading emails, completing surveys, playing games and watching videos. They also have one of the better apps that pay you real money through PayPal for these activities (and over 17 million members globally!).

Some of the benefits of this site include a membership program where gold members (members who graduate to this level have completed a lot of paid offers) earn even more points and get faster payments. Once you have $30 in your account you can get cash via PayPal.

With one of the better apps that pay real money to PayPal and other benefits like sweepstakes and other loyalty options, I highly recommend signing up to this site!


  • Get a $5 bonus for joining
  • One of that apps that pay PayPal cash for other activities like watching videos
  • Access to special offers and bonus points

Click here to join now.

Opinion Bureau

One of the apps that pay real money through paypal is Opinion Bureau.

Another site with one of the best apps to earn money with PayPal is Opinion Bureau. This site isn’t as well known as some of the other ones in this list, but it does have legit survey opportunities.

What makes this one of the best apps for earning PayPal cash is that their survey opportunities can be quite well paid. On a few occasions I’ve received $10 survey offers, and with a minimum PayPal payout threshold of $10, this meant immediate survey money! You can also earn points from polls.

However note that most surveys do pay less than this, and there can be a couple of weeks delay to receive points. Still, as they do have one of the apps to get free PayPal money, I recommend giving them a try!


  • Low PayPal withdrawal threshold
  • High paid survey opportunities
  • Gift cards and vouchers also available

Click here to join now.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research was until recently one of the apps that make paypal money. Now, you can get paid via bank transfer.

Pinecone Research were always considered one of the better apps to earn PayPal money fast.

This is because they offer immediate payout with no minimum threshold needing to be reached and, until recently, Pinecone Research was one of the best apps to earn money PayPal. However, they no longer offer PayPal payout and instead pay you cash via direct bank transfer.

Pinecone Research are one of those rare sites that truly value their members’ time and opinions. This is why they pay some of the best rates for surveys. You can expect to receive around 300 points (or $3) per survey and your first reward is mailed to your address in the form of a check.

For me, their surveys have dwindled of late but I still get excited when I receive an offer from this site. They also offer opportunities for product testing and have some of the best customer support.

To make money from surveys, this really is a great site to be a member of.


  • Some of the best paid surveys
  • No minimum payout threshold
  • Good customer support

Click here to join now.

BONUS Site: Rewardia

Although Rewardia is not one of the apps that give you paypal cash, their site does pay you cash for surveys.

The final site in my list of apps that earn money with PayPal is Rewardia.

I’ve included Rewardia as a bonus site as although they do pay immediately for surveys, they unfortunately don’t offer one of the apps that earn PayPal money. Instead you can simply complete surveys through their site on your mobile device or tablet and get paid cash via bank deposit.

Instant payout is just one of the reasons I love this site. I also enjoy that you can earn points with surveys, videos and polls. You will see loads of survey opportunities when you sign up (however I was only eligible to complete around half of these). There always seems to be a way to make money.

You need $50 to withdraw points for cash, but their loyalty program, where you earn more points the higher you climb (levels include silver, gold and platinum), offers encouragement to keep trying.

Even though they don’t offer one of the apps that earn you PayPal money, I still recommend signing up to Rewardia for instant cash surveys!


  • Refer friends and you’ll earn 10% of their points (forever)
  • Earn points from games and videos
  • 100 point bonus for signing up

Click here to join now.

I hope this article has helped you! The only way to have success with apps that earn PayPal money is to get started now! If you have any questions on how to download apps for PayPal money or anything else, please feel free to comment below. For more PayPal survey sites, click here. You can also find more top surveys here.

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