Four Things That Happened When I Quit Wearing Makeup

For ten years of my life, I would spend over an hour of my day, everyday, carefully applying makeup.

I maintained this routine to feel presentable and flawless, despite it feeling like a complete chore most days.

At some point, my routine changed and spending over an hour everyday carefully applying makeup was out of the question. This point came when I had kids.

After a break from this routine, I noticed the many benefits of saying goodbye to makeup.


Four Things That Happened When I Quit Makeup

1. My skin cleared up.

The extra hour of sleep every morning actually helped my skin appear fresher and more radiant. I had less bags under my eyes and a healthier glow with less break outs. I attribute this, also, to having my pores free from all that clogging foundation.

The more you makeup you wear, the more it traps sweat and bacteria, causing acne, dull and oily skin and encouraging you to wear more makeup to cover it all up! A Vicious cycle!

2. I stopped worrying what I look like.

Finding the correct match for your skin is near impossible. Foundation and the correct color palette for your complexion is such a difficult feat. Every brand has different shade names and formulas. One shade off, the wrong eye shadow or lipstick shade and you end up looking more clown than beauty queen. Or like someone who is just trying way too hard.

You’ll find also that no matter how expensive the brand of makeup you have purchased is, or what it claims to be or do, is not always true, and it will nearly always start dripping, peeling or crusting off your face half way through the day.

These were just hours wasted.

3. I saved money.

The cost can become ridiculous! Especially if you choose to wear it everyday.

When I think back on the past years and how much I have spend on makeup, I think I could almost have bought a car with that money. Or at least something much more worthwhile and useful.

4. I got my confidence back.

The confidence that comes with saying goodbye to the makeup is liberating. At first, I definitely felt a bit uncomfortable wearing no makeup but I soon realized no one cared.

Many women feel pressured into wearing makeup, but if you feel comfortable with how you look you should never have to cover it up!

It’s very freeing to be open with your ‘flaws’ and to embrace yourself.