How I Set (And Reach) My Goals

It wont be long before 2020 ends and 2021 begins. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that I have no idea where the year went or how the years seem to go faster and faster each year.

Personally I love New Years, not least because it’s a time to celebrate, drink too much and have fun, but because it’s a time to reassess how we’re heading in our lives and set some goals.

Yes, I’m talking about New Years resolutions!

‘Boo!’ I hear you say. ‘New Years resolutions are made to be broken!’ At a time, this was also true for me. This was until I discovered how empowering it is to set goals and actually achieve them.

It requires a little self love and a lot of self discipline, but you can achieve your goals if you take it one step at a time.

You just have to WANT it badly enough!

Here’s how I set and maintain my goals, New Years and beyond.


1. Ask yourself questions.

In my experience, change starts with questions.

What are you doing right now? What has been going on the past year or years? Is it in alignment with who you want to be or where you want to go in life?

What would the best version of yourself look like? In 5 years time, what would that person be saying to the person you are now?

Think about these things deeply. They will help shape your goals.

2. List some goals for 6 months, 1 year and 5 years.

To set and achieve your goals I think it’s important to break them down. I like to do this in 3 parts – it makes them attainable in the short term and measurable in the long term.

What could you realistically achieve in 6 months time? For example, I had a goal this year to lose 20 pounds. Oh, how I would of loved to lose the weight in just 6 months, but for me, the reality was that I needed to enjoy the process.

I concluded that I’d be happy with a 10 pound loss in 6 months. This seemed super achievable, and it meant I didn’t hate o myself for having a bad night. I simply picked up where I left off because the end result wasn’t impacted by a slip.

Look at the list of questions you answered above and draft some realistic goals, both short term and long term.

3. Be kind to yourself and expect slips.

I think this is really important to maintain self love during this period. A deviation from our goals doesn’t mean we are a failure, it simply means we are human.

The only failure would be to start and then stop.

But what happens when you fall totally off the rails? Can you get back on or should you wait for next year?

I think you know the answer! But if you yourself failing to achieve our goals time and time again, it might be time to assess the situation. What are the precursors? How badly do you actually want to achieve your goals?

This year I fell off the wagon at least 5 times. Sometimes I got back on in a day, sometimes it took a week.

Honestly, if you want this badly enough, you WILL get on.

Be kind to yourself, but don’t give in.

You can do it!