Planning A Gender Neutral Nursery

I would have loved to discover the gender of my baby during my pregnancy. However, I wasn’t so lucky. At my 20 week scan to discover the sex of my first baby, she had her legs crossed.

It wasn’t that I had a preference between boy or girl, I just love to be organized and ready! The idea of not knowing whether I needed to paint the walls pink or blue or have outfits planned really stressed me out!

I needed a plan to decrease my stress and these tips really helped me to create an organized gender neutral space for my baby. I hope they help you!

How To Plan A Gender Neutral Nursery

I began with the bedroom walls. I chose plain white and bought a beautiful decorative wall sticker to cover almost an entire wall.

The options for gender neutral wall stickers are endless and they create a playful, fun environment for your baby. Not to mention wall stickers come off as easily as they go on! No fuss.

I then created a list of furniture I felt I needed and a rough sketch of the bedroom, where I drew each piece of furniture to ensure correct placement.

My list consisted of a crib, rocking chair, chest of draws, a change table, hanging shelves for night lights, bookshelf and shelves for teddies/toys.

Once I had my sketch organized, I measured my space to ensure the furniture I ordered would fit perfectly!

Once I had all this sorted, I picked out furniture with a color scheme in mind. I decided a light grey would be appropriate and so I ordered all my furniture like this, with the exception of a white chest of drawers.

Despite my lack of color, there are many options for color in a gender neutral space! I personally prefer neutral furniture, with the pop of color found in toys, bedding and accessories but each to their own.

Once the furniture was organized, I arranged the teddies and toys, set up some LED night lights, chose beautiful crib bedding to match and organized the book shelf, all of which added much needed color.

I really believed that creating a gender neutral nursery wouldn’t be enjoyable, but surprisingly I found my creativity came alive due to having to think a little harder!

Creating a beautiful nursery doesn’t have to be difficult or cost you a lot of money, and I managed to create my nursery for around one thousand dollars.

It just takes a bit of planning and organization.