Paid Survey Review: Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel – June 2023 –

I am telling you now about Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel to join up and earn money by doing nothing.

Nielsen Computer Panel is a cool piece of software or an app that runs in the background and is like the old school television ratings box that Nielsen would have households do. Were you a Nielsen Ratings home?

You earn upwards of $5 per month to your account by just downloading their panel tracker software to your phone, tablet or computer and doing nothing else. Yes for real. 

Nielsen is safe, legit, secure and values data privacy. It is anonymous and does not store any sensitive information. I have checked this out.

You do not spend any time doing paid surveys or focus groups. I mean seriously just earn cash for using your device as you normally do and you get to say your are a Nieslen Insider.

Click now to join up the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

The Sign Up Process for Nielsen is like this:


After clicking my sign up link above, go and download the app or software from the Nielsen website, register as a new user with your basic info and then you are already making money. You can gain reward points, game tokens and get entered into contests all for nothing.

The app just sits on your devices and collects information about your actions to help provide ratings for the internet and for companies to know what is popular. Just like the TV ratings, something I always loved.

Nielsen is a professional consumer research company founded over 90 years ago. It is basically the most legit paid survey company. Nielsen is the world’s leading provider of media and marketing information, including the Nielsen TV ratings. The Nielsen panel mission is to learn about what people watch, listen to, and buy, as well as what they do online.

Earning Rewards is like this:

Earning equals doing nothing for Nielsen. You get up to $60 per year for no effort and just keep the app or software installed. You do not need to use it at all or do logins and do not need to do surveys. Just watch sports highlights or play angry birds like me.

The Good and The Bad about Nielsen Panel:

The Good — well everything about it is good. You install an app and earn $60 a year. Just do it because you cannot lose. It is a bedrock activity of any paid survey person because it provides a minimum floor to your monthly earnings.

The Bad — nothing. I mean yeah it is observing your internet traffic but hey every app is doing that like facebook or google, so I mean yeah why not get paid for having big brother as part of your life. I know I do.

Click here to get going on Nielsen Panel

Survey Suzi says this is a no brainer. Peace Out.