Is Survey Club Legit? Survey Club Review [2023]

You’ll find many Survey Club reviews online with varying answers to the question – is Survey Club a scam or is Survey Club legit?

As many of your will know, I’m all about getting the best bang for one’s buck, and in my Survey Club review I focused on whether you should be using this site to make money.

Before getting started, it’s important to clarify that Survey Club is a both a host and aggregator site which takes you to other sites to do paid surveys. I usually prefer signing up to the survey sites directly, but don’t discount this site just yet.

Read through my Survey Club research to decide whether you should sign up to this site.

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Survey Club Review 2023

Survey Club is one of the long established survey sites with a history spanning over 15 years, and you can deem Survey Club legit. But does that mean you should use it to make money?

In the review below, you’ll learn what is Survey Club and how you can earn Survey Club cash from their surveys.

Signing Up

Right from the beginning one of the best parts of this site is how easy it is to sign up. To join Survey Club only takes 5 minutes and, as with most sites, they require just a few basic details like your name, address and contact number.

This can make people nervous and start to question if it’s a Survey Club scam or legit. However, keep in mind this is a site with a long history and worldwide user base of millions of members. Your data is fairly secure and they have a strong anti spam policy.

They have a minimum sign up age of 16. After signing up you’ll get your Survey Club login and will be shown all the Survey Club surveys on offer.

Earning Points

When I first logged into my Survey Club account, I found loads of offers waiting for me. The majority of these were opinion surveys and clinical trials, with the rare focus group thrown in (which can actually pay around $50 per hour).

However when I would attempt to complete a survey, I often found I was not qualified. This doesn’t mean that Survey Club is real or fake; it just means that I wasn’t suitable for these surveys.

The more surveys I did, the better the matching became. They emphasize the importance of honesty to get paid Survey Club cash, and this is something I always adhere to when completing online surveys. It’s the only way to reliably earn money with paid surveys.

One of the things my Survey Club cash review found is that they don’t require you to accumulate points like some sites. Rather, they tell you how much you’ll earn per survey (usually $1 – $3). I much prefer this transparency.

Some of the surveys are through their site (hosted for other organizations) but others take you to other sites which will require you to create an additional account. This can be time consuming and annoying (especially if you already have an account with their sites) however they can potentially match you with a better offer.

They also have sweepstakes and cash prizes for better opportunities to make money, and you can also get cash rewards simply by purchasing through their preferred suppliers.

Redeeming Points

One of the biggest determining factors when it comes to “is Survey Club real” is in regards to redeeming your cash.

Once you accumulate $25 in your account, you technically qualify for a cash redemption. You can redeem cash for a Survey Club PayPal payment, a check sent in the mail or one of their online gift vouchers for sites like Amazon.

Some users have reported a Survey Club cash scam but I don’t know how legitimate these claims are. Sometimes I think they simply haven’t used the site long enough.

Others have asked does Survey Club work for payments because they find they’re waiting a long time. Unfortunately, there can be quite a delay to receive rewards once requested. Their site isn’t clear about how long, but I found it takes a few weeks.

Things To Note From Other Survey Club Reviews

The biggest problems other Survey Club reviews had were with being disqualified from surveys.

This is annoying, but in my experience with any site you need a little patience and perseverance at the beginning. This will allow them to match you with better survey opportunities more suitable for you.

You will also not find a Survey Club BBB rating online and, unfortunately, there is no Survey Club app.

Fortunately, however, they do appear to offer good customer support. This means if you ever do have an issue, you can submit a ticket through their site and have your issue looked into by their customer support team.

Verdict – 6.5/10

Is Survey Club a scam? No. Does survey club really work? That depends on a few things, like how well you match their surveys, how honest you are with your surveys, how willing you are to disclose personal information and how consistent you are.

This site does appear to have some good survey offers, and with a fair cash out threshold of $25, it could be a good way to make a side income.

They have the advantage of better customer support, which my Survey Voices review had a complaint about, however it can take time to receive payments once requested.

As always, the best indicator is your own experience, and I recommend signing up to this site and trying their surveys out for yourself.

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